Built in resilience - 3 stage line failure, calls will be instantly diverted to alternative lines with no disruption to service or loss of callers ID to the Despatch System

Built in capacity so Customers will never get an engaged tone again.


At Storm, technical and account support management is what we are building our reputation on, we take your business seriously.

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Welcome to Storm Cloud Solutions

We have been providing Telecommunication Solutions, solely in the Private Hire & Taxi Market for many years.

Our extensive experience in supplying and supporting communication solutions in your industry,gives us a unique perspective and understanding for the needs of our customers. Supplying the best and latest hardware, software plus lines and Communication services are only part of what we deliver.

We believe in resolution, not passing the problem to someone else. Our out of hours service is there to get you up and running as quickly as possible should you have a business effecting problem.

Hot Standby Capability - We have replacement units plus copies of your system configuration, meaning that we can get replacement units to you in hours, fully programmed and ready to go, should the worst happen.

It is essential that our customers have complete confidence in the ability of our systems to perform 24/7/365 especially at their busiest times. It is also important that the system can grow in line with their business, without expensive upgrades.



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At Storm we build in this capacity and capability, using tried and tested software installed on specifically designed rugged hardware that can more than withstand the demanding environment of a Taxi company.

We make it easy to manage your telecommunication service. BT can provide your monthly bill on paper, online or by email together with a range of analysis tools so you can understand your call profile.


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