Cabdespatch Mobile

PDA-Based Device
Storm despatch Mobile supports the majority of Windows Mobile PDA devices.

Easy to Use
Storm despatch Mobile, your driver’s don’t need to be technically proficient –

even the most techno phobic driver on your circuit will find it easy to use!

There are easy to understand icons, helpful hints and big, easy-to-press buttons.
Most drivers need no training at all, it’s that easy to use!

Driver Safety & Security
Your drivers are always visible on a map in the office thanks to their GPS device.

Should there be a problem, they have a “panic” button always available which triggers

instant alerts in the office. They also have the option to be put straight through to the

emergency services from their PDA device.

Automated Plotting
Your driver’s no longer need to plot around when they drive –

their PDA automatically puts them in the correct area, by knowing where it is!

Advanced Anti-Cheat Technology
Storm despatch Mobile has many unique, advanced anti-cheat measures which can be enabled or disabled by the office

Fairer Bidding
With Storm despatch Mobile, the drivers who are a bit slower in using their PDA are not penalized – they get the same, fair treatment that all of your other drivers get.

Integrated Messaging
Your drivers can send you text messages from their device to the office, which you can reply to – all of which is entirely free to use!

Dead Run Handling
With built in options for when your drivers have to give a reason when they are marking the job as a dead run. This way, should a customer call back you will have a explanation.


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At Storm we build in this capacity and capability, using tried and tested software installed on specifically designed rugged hardware that can more than withstand the demanding environment of a Taxi company.

We make it easy to manage your telecommunication service. BT can provide your monthly bill on paper, online or by email together with a range of analysis tools so you can understand your call profile.


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