Simple & easy to use integrated app

Faster Bookings

Your telephonist’s will be able to take bookings quicker than ever before with the Storm despatch’s Desktop.

The booking interface has been designed to be simple, easy to use and all of the important functions have keyboard shortcuts.

Accurate Bookings

There are many features designed to ensure your staff input jobs accurately. For every address they enter, they will receive auto-completion of the address to ensure they spell the destination correctly, enabling them to see the location on a small map – just to ensure it’s the right place, resulting in a significant reduction in Dead Runs.

Automated Waiting Times

Storm despatch Desktop automatically calculates the current waiting time for a pickup – allowing your telephonists to quote an accurate waiting time to your customers.

Advanced Routing Functions

Utilising the Power of OS Mapping and routing engine advanced, you will be able to see exact mileage from a pickup to a destination. You can even see the driving directions should your drivers wish to see them!

Easy Quoting

With the option to price on fixed-prices or have prices automatically calculated on the actual driving distance between pickup and destination, your staff can quote accurate fares to a customer.

Management Reports

Instant access to system information provides summary's and detailed reports as to how your business is performing and progressing.

Accept online bookings for either cash customers, account customers or both!

Allow customers to see where their car is when it’s on route to them,live on a map.

Customers will be ready for when the driver arrives, reducing lost time at pickups.

Save on time and money with a good proportion of bookings coming from the web.

Web Booker and the App can be designed with your company name & Logo.

Desktop Agent

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At Storm we build in this capacity and capability, using tried and tested software installed on specifically designed rugged hardware that can more than withstand the demanding environment of a Taxi company.

We make it easy to manage your telecommunication service. BT can provide your monthly bill on paper, online or by email together with a range of analysis tools so you can understand your call profile.


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