Communications - IQPBX Telephone System

The effectiveness and reliability of your telephone system is of fundamental importance.

Lose the phones lose the customers!

At Storm we not only provide the IQPBX which is the most advanced, reliable telephone

system on the market, but also the performance and functionality normally associated with

much larger systems.


No additional Software licences

Supports all available trunks VoIP, ISDN2/30, Analogue, Mobile GSM/3&4G

High performance call handling, we have systems handling over 4000 calls per day, most in

 Busy  hours.

  • Calling line identity (CLI) pushed to Booking & Dispatch System
  • Remote extensions for home workers or remote office support
  • Supports any IP Phone
  • Enhanced security (Firewall protected)
  • Wallboard real-time call statistics
  • IVR (Interactive Voice recognition) as standard
  • Voice Recording of all calls
  • Email to SMS – SMS to email

we also take the responsibility to ensure you have the most efficient lines and services,

with built in resilience to make certain that customers can make their booking 24 hrs 365 days a year.

It is also important that the system can fully integrate with your Dispatch system, whether

it’s a Storm provided CabDespatch system or a 3rd party solution.

The IQPBX is currently working with all the leading suppliers systems.


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At Storm we build in this capacity and capability, using tried and tested software installed on specifically designed rugged hardware that can more than withstand the demanding environment of a Taxi company.

We make it easy to manage your telecommunication service. BT can provide your monthly bill on paper, online or by email together with a range of analysis tools so you can understand your call profile.


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